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Collapsed Disc - Causes & Symptoms

Collapsed Disc
A “collapsed disc” is an intervertebral disc that has lost height, often due to dehydration. One or more regions of the disc may become significantly effected. A collapsed disc usually isn’t noticed until it begins to effect other areas of the spine. This condition may cause pain to emanate from the spinal cord or nearby nerves.

Collapsed discs occur commonly in the cervical / neck or lower lumbar areas of the spinal column. These areas of the spine endure a huge amount of the stresses form daily activities while also supporting a large percentage of our body weight.

Cause of Collapsed Discs
Discs can collapse due to dramatic deterioration of their fibrous outer wall. Collapsed discs are usually caused by natural aging. Several other factors can also cause a collapsed disc including:

• Obesity
• High-impact injury or trauma
• Sports, like football or gymnastics
• Falls from even a short height
• Lifting heavy objects improperly
• Smoking
• Poor / Inadequate diet
• Repetitive stressful movements

Collapsed Disc Symptoms
Symptoms of a collapsed disc include:

• Persistent nerve pain, due to pressure on surrounding nerves.
• Muscle weakness
• Tingling
• Numbness
• Bone Spurs
• Herniated / Bulging Discs
• Damaged Spinal Cord

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