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Dr. Debiparshad has garnered hundreds of 5 star reviews for the quality of his care and the genuine concern he has for his patients and their outcomes, earning a 4.9 Star Rating on with 49 Five Star reviews and a 100% 5 Star Rating on, Google Reviews and

The doctor is very good, he did my back and everything has turned out very good. Thank you Jesus for him. Even for a person who is 80, he did a great job for my back and would for yours! He is just the best!

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Sandra Torres, Las Vegas, NV
Healthgrades | Feb 02, 2018

Pre-op visit and he explained everything he was going to do. He made me feel confident in his abilties - I got an excellent result from the surgery. 8 weeks post op I'm walking with a cane but I can also walk without it, my gait is very good at this point. I would recommend him for anybody that needs a hip repair or replacement.

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Robert Bachman, Las Vegas, NV
Healthgrades | Dec 23, 2017

For me everything was okay in the beginning - the surgery was wonderful treatment. An than when I came for follow up appointments everyone was very friendly. I would recommend Dr. Debiparshad for anyone who needs treatment.

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Alaniz Dulce, Las Vegas, NV
Healthgrades | Dec 08, 2017

My name is Robert Johnson. I had hip surgery with the Dr. Debiparshad. I have had nothing but great experiences with the doctor. After having my surgery, post surgery care has been great! I have now healed thanks to Dr. Debiparshad. His staff as well is nothing but amazing!!

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Robert Johnson, North Las Vegas, NV
Healthgrades | Nov 16, 2017

Dr. Debiparshad answered all my questions thoroughly. He even answered all my mom's questions the day of surgery.

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Lisa H. in Las Vegas, NV
Healthgrades | Nov 02, 2017

Met Dr. Debiparshad after my initial consult with another surgeon and he was much more welcoming and listened to my concerns about my pain and gave me my options. Had surgery in August 2017 and to go from a 10 pain level to 1-2 is fantastic. He did a great job and cares about his patients

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Dawn Ramirez, Las Vegas, NV
Healthgrades | Sep 28, 2017

I felt that he presented himself well and my pain was excruciating when I first met him. After surgery, my pain is nearly gone - I would also say that I would truly recommend him to anyone. I wish I could have talked to after my surgery is the only suggestion I would make - because it was one of the nurses who spoke to me afterward. That's not to say he doesn't not take his time with you, he does - he's just very busy.

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Shelley Altman, Las Vegas, NV
Healthgrades | Sep 14, 2017

I was very satisfied with the surgery that Dr. Debiparshad performed on myself for my hip. I felt no pain after surgery and was able to walk within a few days post surgery. I am amazed with his work. I would recommend him to anyone who needs ortho surgery.

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Sherry Yeckel, Las Vegas, NV
Healthgrades | Sep 02, 2017

For multi-years I had intense pain in my entire right leg from a compressed nerve bundle in my lower back vertebrae. In Feb. 2017 Dr. Kevin Debiparshad did a Lumbar Fusion Surgery and all this pain is now gone. He is caring, takes time to listen, makes sure his patients understand the procedure and are comfortable with his care. I highly recommend Dr. Debiparshad to anyone that needs any type of back surgery. He is the most skilled orthopedic surgeon that anyone could find.

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Art Schwab, Las Vegas, NV
Healthgrades | Aug 31, 2017
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